Business View Magazine | July 2019

335 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2019 facilities where they put Kiva, which is all the automation. They still bring people in to train from all over the world at our facility because it’s the most state-of-the-art. They indicated to us that they had the fastest entitlement processing that they’ve ever seen in any of their facilities. We now have a second million square feet on the west side of town.” “I just got back from an economic development conference, IAMC (International Asset Management Council), where it’s a lot of the corporate real estate for Fortune 500s,” Malik continues. “There’s a company called Fisher Scientific that moved from the Bay Area out to Tracy, just recently opened. Between the city of Tracy, Fisher Scientific, and the developer (Prologis), they had one of the best experiences for expansion - and this is an international company - and they touted that to this IAMC Council of other corporate real estate people. “That’s what we’re excited about. That’s what Tracy’s Council has directed us to do: to facilitate development, be facilitators, but with the right development. We get a lot of good feedback from our businesses that come here, because they want to make sure they provide as much to their employees’ satisfaction, as well. It’s very high success when they say, ‘Hey, this is great. I’m moving from the Bay Area, and I’m buying a new home, and for the first time, ever, we have parking in our business.’” On the more personal side, Vargas points to lifestyle construction, “Not only are we business- friendly, we also understand the community and new businesses coming, and they want to have amenities in a place, not only where they’re working, but where they could live and have their families having something to do. We have embarked on a large project of 80 acres of sports field. We have on the books a nature park, a passive park. We invested over 89 million dollars to update our municipal airport because we know that, with the new businesses and new corporations, some of the executives and directors like to come in and out on their own planes.” “Our population is young; they’re in their thirties, most of them. My children are in their thirties. They volunteer a lot. They want to come home and walk and do things that are fun. So we have activities; a theater that’s completed; we have great artists coming and visiting. We are successfully motivating people to come outside and play. We have staff looking into innovative things to do and bring our folks to play -not only residents of Tracy, but others coming and visiting Tracy and experiencing Tracy in a different way as a tourist area. We have several hotels and two under construction right now; three that we entitled in the last two, three years. So, we have hotels and new hotels coming into town. It’s being flexible, being agile to new, innovative, forward-thinking companies that want to come to Tracy. We want to be there with them and meet on the same plane.” Adds Carrera, “I’m a longtime Tracy resident and there’s always been a commitment to the quality of life here in the community. That’s shown in Council’s commitment to funding new amenities, Plans, price, products, amenities and community/neighborhood information are subject to change. © 2019 Tracy Hills. All rights reserved. 6/19 • Single-Level & Two-Story • Approx. 2,155 to 4,100 Sq. Ft. • Up to 6 Bedrooms & 4.5 Baths • Prices Starting in the $500s • Recreation Center & Pool • Parks & Trails • I-580 Access • 3 Miles To ACE Station TRACYHILLSLIFE.COM EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. DISCOVER. SEE WHAT THE EXCITEMENT IS ALL ABOUT IN TRACY Future Pool & Recreation Center TRACY , CAL I FORNI A