Business View Magazine | July 2019

21 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2019 AGENCY Q & A success with the rebranding process is why we preach its virtues so hard.” Success Stories BVM: Can you share any notable achievements of businesses who’ve been able to hit the ground running? Mirsky: “I think Dosist did a great job with their rebrand from Hmbldt. Their vape pens are super sleek, dose-specific, and highly engineered. They clearly wanted to reach beyond the classic cannabis consumer and expand into the greater wellness audience. I think their name change really helped usher them into that. While Humboldt (of which Hmbldt was derived) holds a special significance for the cannabis industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything to the wellness-obsessed mom shopping on Abbot Kinney that they were trying to reach. On the other hand, the name Dosist, and the chic branding and product that supports it, says to that mom, “We’ve got exactly what you need, in the exact right dose, and in a beautiful pen that will fit right inside of your Dagne Dover fanny pack.” People love it.” Municipal Partnership BVM: How important is cultivating an alignment with the city where a business’s operations are based? Mirsky: “The importance of this depends greatly on what kind of cannabis business you are running. For licensed retailers, producers, and processors, having a good relationship with both your community and the local government is