Business View Magazine | July 2019

181 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2019 THE CHARLESTON COL I SEUM & CONVENT ION CENTER Sustainability and green practices have also become a focal point for the facility, as Robertson believes that sound environmental policy is something meeting planners consider in their decision making when looking for a venue. The Center has LED lighting throughout and automated building controls, which boost energy efficiency. Only green cleaning supplies and recycled paper products are used. Cardboard, aluminum, metal, cooking oil, and more are all recycled, and a dehydrator is used for kitchen waste. “Anything that can be recycled, we do it,” Robertson avers. “Through the inclusion of a complete re-do of our mechanical plant, the engineers that designed the facility have indicated that even though we have expanded our footprint by 146,000 square feet, they expect that our energy consumption is going to go down by about one-third,” he adds. “We have an application in for LEED Certification. We are expecting it will receive a LEED Silver designation.” Robertson notes that the Coliseum and Convention Appalachian Power’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Programs can help your business save money and energy with financial incentives to offset the project costs. See the wide variety of energy efficiency programs offered to you by Appalachian Power at 222 LEE STREET, WEST CHARLESTON, WV 25302 (304) 342-0159 WWW.ZMM.COM