Business View Magazine | July 2019

122 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2019 MBAKERINTL.COM PROVIDING A FULL CONTINUUM OF INNOVATIVE AVIATION SERVICES TO RESTORE AND ENHANCE OUR NATION’S INFRASTRUCTURE PGD General Aviation Center Rendering Punta Gorda, Florida PREFERRED VENDORS n Arcadia Aerospace Industries, LLC Arcadia Aerospace Industries (AAI), based in Punta Gorda Florida, is an aerospace and specialty composites company that offers reliable, high-quality, Non-destructive Inspection (NDI) and Portable Contour Measurement (PCMM) resources for component part inspections. The company also provides coordinate measurement solutions, including verification of individual machine axes, coordinate and contour measurement of parts and geometries, laser surface scanning and model creation, turbine/fan blade inspection, relationship fit analysis of parts, reverse engineering application, 3D modeling, part to CAD development, part and tool inspections, and annual certifications. n Michael Baker International, Inc.