Business View Magazine | July 2019

103 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2019 Coeur d’Alene FLYING HIGH IN LAKE CITY A I R PORT PA P PY BOY I NGTON F I E L D C oeur d’Alene has also been called Lake City, and when you look at a map of northern Idaho you certainly can tell why. Situated on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene, the city is surrounded by Quarterlane Lake, Silver Lake, and many others. It is a short drive to National Parks, ski resorts, camping, and cabins. In fact, this is a vacation paradise. Having Coeur d’Alene Airport, also known as Pappy Boyington Field, in the near vicinity makes paradise even more accessible. Coeur d’Alene Airport is a county-owned, public-use airport, located in Kootenai County, Idaho – nine miles northwest of the central business district of Coeur d’Alene and surrounded by the city of Hayden on three sides. “In a way, I suppose we compete with Spokane International Airport,” says Airport Director Steven Kjergaard, “because it is nearby and a large commercial airport. But in reality, the market is quite different. What makes us different is our proximity to the lake and all the vacation areas. We draw from the people who are vacationing here but, at the same time, our runways are more than able to accommodate any commercial aircraft that is built today.”