Business View Magazine - July 2023

31 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 7 ou might say for Atrema Technologies, it all computes. For nearly 20 years, the Calgary-based information technology (or IT) company has been an industry leader. Working with a widely varied roster of clients, such as Caterpillar, Fleet Brake and Beyond Energy, there are no such things as half-measures for Atrema. From custom application development to complete IT infrastructure and local help-desk support, the company has both the technical experience and customer-support skills required to deliver at the highest level. From e-mail to Websites and from servers to software, the members of the Atrema team have built up a collective reputation that’s based on getting things done right, and they know how to make it all happen for you and your needs. Y BUILDING A BETTER IT WO AT R EMA T ECHNOLOG I E S