Business View Magazine - July 2023

134 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 7 highlights diversity, like the grants to cover tournament entry costs for those in economic need and of course awarding grants through Youth on Course and the foundation.” Lazzaro said moving forward she feels it is important to seek more females for leadership roles in the GAM. “We need to have more females involved in course rating, officiating and outreach in the community with golf,” she says. “The great thing is that leadership in the GAM is aware of it and continues to work toward that goal.” Whitten says that goal and others keeps the GAM working to answering the next question: “Where do we go from here?” “We have developed a strategic roadmap and a strategic vision,” he says. “The GAM is dedicated to connecting and serving all golf in Michigan – for players, administrators and facilities. By providing excellent core services and products, we strive to make golf accessible and inclusive in all its forms for players of any age and ability.” Hults says strategic planning provides for his leadership role and the association with a specific direction and goals. “For instance, our strategic planning process touched on the importance of connecting with nontraditional golfers,” he says. “Nowadays, there are as many players at places like Topgolf, X-Golf and simulators as there are on the course. Our goal is to convert some of them to become GAM members.”