July 2018

96 97 T Bailey, Inc. is a diversi- fied, heavy-civil/indus- trial general contractor with expertise in con- struction (earth/utility/concrete work, mechanical, tank and steel erection) and heavy steel plate/ structural fabrication, with exten- sive experience in aboveground, field-erected fuel and water tank projects. The company was founded in 1991 by Gene Tana- ka, and today, is a leader in the Northwest for safety, quality con- trol, and project management. According to Justin Rawls, Vice President & Director of Opera- tions, the company began just doing field work, but eventual- ly moved into a 125,000-sq.-ft. facility on 30 acres of improved industrial property near the Burlington Northern Railroad, T BAILEY, INC. A LEADER IN THE NORTHWEST INC. AT A GLANCE T BAILEY, INC. WHAT: A diversified, heavy-civil/industrial general contractor WHERE: Anacortes, Washington WEBSITE: www.tbailey.com