July 2018

84 85 LITO (SORA MOTORCYCLES) torcycle. So, we have been selling around the entire world - more as a pull than a push of product. Customers are calling in and want to buy our product and we never say no. But what is very good about LITO, right now, is that we signed a major financial partnership at the end of last year and now we are having the means to do things properly. So, we are planning a ma- jor push for our product in North America for next year and after that, maybe in two years from now, we will expand our other market.” “In terms of the customer per- spective,” he continues, “we are ev- PREFERRED VENDOR n New Era Electronics www.neweraelectronics.com erything regarding innovation, quality, and power. That is what is defining our product. In terms of business and, let’s say, milestone or a visionary stake, we are the first electric vehicle manufac- turer for personal mobility in Canada. So, I mean, when you go back to 2014, getting a motorcycle on the road, where at that time you just have the Tesla Roadster coming out and all that stuff, we were there at the beginning of the wave.We’re not just following the wave, we are creating the wave. “I think there will be room for everybody in the near future and my goal here is not to compete against Honda or Kawasaki or Yamaha because those guys will come out with an electric motor- cycle a few years from now that will advertise to maybe this market. And they will be able to cut down on price, adding plastic here, some plastic there, and they’ll be able to maybe do a good job. But, right now, if you’re looking for an affordable electric motorcycle, you have zero choice. I be- lieve that right now for the car industry, there’s a place for Mercedes, there’s a place for Bentley, there’s a place for Rolls Royce, and there’s a place for Toyota and Ford and all those guys. And I’m sure that in the future in the electric motorcycle industry, it’ll be the same. So for us, right now, it’s important to position the brand in terms of inno- vation, quality, and power. And if we were coming out with the $20,000 motorcycle, that $20,000 motorcycle will still have the three-word taglines of innovation, quality, and power.”