July 2018

4 5 JULY/AUGUST 2018 Contents 2 EDITOR’S NOTE 6 OPENING LINES MANUFACTURING VIEW 22 THE METAL CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION Its use is growing 32 DIMENSIONAL METALS, INC. Roofs and walls 40 THE SCHAEFER GROUP Innovation and invention 46 CHOMARAT Celebrating 120 years of innovation 54 FIBERGLASS COATINGS INC. Composites for one and all 62 PRC COMPOSITES Containers for aerospace and defense 70 REVCHEM COMPOSITES Composite solutions delivered daily 78 LITO ( SORA MOTORCYCLES ) Creating the wave 86 THE STEEL TANK INSTITUTE/STEEL PLATE FABRICATORS ASSOCIATION Setting the standards 96 T BAILEY, INC. A leader in the Northwest 104 BESTBATH The shower of choice FRANCHISE VIEW 114 CAMP BOW WOW Pups at play CITY VIEW 126 ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA Debt-free innovation, “the Altamonte way” 136 PALM BAY, FLORIDA Moving in the right direct ion 144 SAVANNAH, GA After the flood 152 HOLMES COUNTY, FLORIDA There’s no place like Holmes 160 GLEN RIDGE BOROUGH A bedroom community and more 168 TILLSONBURG, ONTARIO Connected, enriched, inspire 176 VILLE DE RIMOUSKI, QUEBEC Strength in the blue economy 184 AIRDRIE, ALBERTA Entrepreneurial excellence 96 192 THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF HANOVER Living in harmony 200 LANGFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA The ultimate sports town 208 THE REGIONAL DISTRICT OF OKANAGAN-SIMILKAMEEN Building a sustainable future 216 SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN Growth and opportunity CONSTRUCTION VIEW 230 GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION A message from President Mark E. Limbruner 238 THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TOWER ERECTORS Elevating wireless 244 THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION Technology development in the field 250 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY METROPOLITA N A philosophy for growth BEST PRACTICES IN GENERAL AVIATION 260 STILLWATER REGIONAL AIRPORT Front door to the community, gateway to the world 268 THE KNOX COUNTY REGIONAL AIRPORT Plans to grow 276 THE ROSWELL INTERNATIONAL AIR CENTER Potential unlimited 286 PUEBLO MEMORIAL AIRPORT Military and more 292 TELLURIDE REGIONAL AIRPORT high and safe 302 SPARTANBURG DOWNTOWN MEMORIAL AIRPORT History and community 310 THE CHESTER COUNTY G.O. CARLSON AIRPO RT Number three in GA traffic 316 COASTAL CAROLINA REGIONAL AIRPORT A top notch facility FACILITIES MANAGEMENT 328 EDGEWOOD HEALTH NETWORK State-of-the-art addiction treatment 338 AT&T PORTABLES Intuitive steps in the wireless direction 286 328 184