July 2018

328 329 EDGEWOOD HEALTH NETWORK STATE-OF-THE-ART ADDICTION TREATMENT EDGEWOOD HEALTH NETWORK T he Edgewood Health Network (EHN) believes that the best chance for long-term recovery from addiction is a treatment program that assesses all aspects of a patient’s health: the physical, men- tal, emotional, and spiritual body, as well as his or her family and community systems. It is this attention to detail and state-of-the-art pro- gramming which has allowed Edgewood to fill a gap in the health system, so effectively. “The way we think about it,” says Joe Manget, CEO and Chairman of EHN, “is we are four-and- a-half years old as a company, but we have over a hundred years of history. It all began on Christmas Eve in 2013, when we created Edge- wood Health Network with the acquisition of the Edgewood Treatment Center in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Our philosophy was actually pretty simple. There is, in our opinion, a lack of high-quality treatment across Canada. There are a lot of treatment centers across the country but at the time we started, there was no nation- al provider. That means that if you are a nation- al employer and you are looking for treatment AT A GLANCE EDGEWOOD HEALTH NETWORK WHAT: Mental health and addiction treatment centers WHERE: Various locations across Canada WEBSITE: www.edgewoodhealth network.com