July 2018

300 301 Providing Airspace & Flight Procedure Design Services to Airport and Aircraft Operators • Conventional & RNAV Flight Procedure Development •Obstacle Evaluation & Planning • Impact Assessments for airfield changes • Form 5010 Updates IFP@Flight-Tech.aero (720) 465-6170 www.flight-tech.aero TELLURIDE REGIONAL AIRPORT operators and pilots.We are com- petitive and fair, making it a great experience for those who use our services. As you can imagine, as a one-runway airport at an elevation of 9,070’, if the wind, weather or visibility are such that they cannot make it to TEX, they will fly to our friends down valley at Montrose Regional Airport, which is a good al- ternate option and is about 75 min- utes away. Currently, all commercial airline passengers fly into Montrose and have good dependable access to the Telluride Ski Resort”. A unique non-aviation business venture is Telluride Stone quarry, located on the southwest corner of PREFERRED VENDOR n Flight Tech Engineering www.flight-tech.aero the airport property. “They mine stone called Tellu- ride Gold,” says Maenpa, “which is basically a gold color stone used all over the world for landscaping and building masonry. It is an interesting way to diversify our revenue.” “But I think,” he continues, “This Airport would not exist without the tremendous support of the Telluride, Mountain Village, and San Miguel Coun- ty community.When you talk to general aviation pilots, they are proud that they can fly in and out of the Airport. It is surrounded by majestic moun- tainous terrain and it is not for the beginner pilot. To keep this Airport open and operating takes an extreme amount of effort and many dollars have been invested on enhancing the safety of this airport.”