July 2018

244 245 I n recent years, technology has impacted the lives of electrical contractors in the United States in a fundamental way. Most need look no further than the smart phones in their pockets. Those devices, and their associated, interconnected apps, serve as an example of a recent advancement that has influenced the way the electrical construction industry does business. And in the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), companies of all sizes are adapting to a wide range of disruptive forces on a daily basis. “The digital revolution has completely changed the game,” NECA CEO John M. Grau said. “Innovations in technology are keeping con- tractors competitive in the workforce and helping us attract new talent to the industry.” NECA is the voice of the $160 billion industry that brings power, TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIELD THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION AT A GLANCE THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION WHAT: The voice of the electrical construction industry WHERE: Bethesda, Maryland WEBSITE: www.necanet.org