July 2018

238 239 A dvances in wireless are changing the landscape and delivery models for in- dustries as diverse as health care, finan- cial services, higher education, agriculture, energy, aviation, utilities, public safety, government and the military.And the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), a national trade organization, is providing the “muscle”behind this mobility revo- lution.NATE’s 800 + member companies are playing a prominent role as wireless infrastructure service and equipment providers in order to enable this global connectivity. This enhanced technology is vital to meet both our present and future broadband needs and society’s insatiable thirst for data consumption. According to annual survey results released by CTIA, The Wireless Association,Americans used 9.6 trillion megabytes (MB) of data in 2015.This data usage THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TOWER ERECTORS ELEVATINGWIRELESS is three times the 3.2 trillion MB of data utilized in 2013.The CTIA data compared this growth to the equivalent of consumers streaming 59,219 videos everyminute or roughly 18 million MB! Additionally, according to a report from the Progressive Pol- icy Institute (PPI), next generation wireless networks have the potential to add roughly $2.7 trillion to the U.S. gross domes- tic product by 2030. This figure equates to an average annual growth boost of 0.7 percent or an overall increase of 11 per- cent in economic output. A T A GLANCE W HO: The Na- tional Association of Tower Erectors AT A GLANCE THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TOWER ERECTORS WHAT: A national trade association WHERE: Watertown, South Dakota WEBSITE: www.natehome.com THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF