July 2018

216 217 SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITY SASKATOON, Saskatchewan AT A GLANCE SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN WHAT: A city of 270,000 WHERE: South-central Canada WEBSITE: www.saskatoon.ca N ewMayor, new growth, new opportunity; that prettymuch sums up the current situation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Charlie Clark was elected Mayor of Saskatoon in October 2016. Previous to that, he was the Ward 6 City Councilor for 10 years.His professional background is in the areas of mediation, education, and community eco- nomic development. Clark has been part of nation-wide conversations about the key role cities play as engines of innovation and in ensuring the quality of life for all citizens.He has presented nationally at conferences on affordable housing, urban development, policing, and com- munity safety issues.He is committed to working with the talent and resilience of the people of Saskatoon to be the city that gets it right. “So it has been about a year and a half and really at a time when we are working to position the city of Saska- toon as a vibrant, attractive and competitive city,”explains Clark.“And the way to get there, in my view, combines making sure that as we plan the city,we try to design and direct that growth towards making sure we have a strong center city, a strong downtown, and that we don’t face the