July 2018

12 13 OPENING LINES F orest Recovery Canada and the Honda Canada Foundation are celebrating nearly 100,000 trees planted as part of a long- standing partnership to enhance forests across Canada. Forest Recovery Canada is a national tree planting effort with a focus on enhancing forest cover and connectivity across Can- ada.Working alongside local planting organizations,municipalities, First Nations groups, environmental groups, and corporate sponsors, FRC strategically establishes forests across Canada, all in support of a common goal of healthy and resilient ecosystems. Since 2013, the Honda Canada Foundation has supported Forest Recovery Canada’s tree planting programs through the One Honda. One Tree. campaign,which plants a tree for every Honda lawn and garden or ATV product sold fromApril 1st to July 31st each year. In 2018, Forest Recovery Canada and Honda planted trees in Dart- mouth,Nova Scotia; Boucherville,Quebec; Surrey, British Columbia; and Calgary,Alberta. Local tree planting partners and Honda employ- ees joined us to plant trees in support of greater habitat, clean air and water, and a more resilient ecosystem. “FRC is proud of every tree we plant with partners like the Honda Canada Foundation,” says Forest Recovery Canada CEO Rob Keen. “We’re also proud that our commitment and those of our partners is long-term.Honda Canada Foundation has committed year after year to making our landscapes greener and healthier.” “As an environmentally-responsible company, our planting events with Forest Recovery Canada are something we look forward to every year,” says Dave Jamieson, Chair of the Honda Canada Founda- tion.“These events are an opportunity for Honda associates and their families across the country to advance our mission to ensure blue skies for our children.” Keen adds that in facing the challenge of climate change, a nation- al tree planting strategy is imperative.“Large, contiguous forests have the greatest capacity to sequester emissions and provide habitat and moderate extreme temperatures,”Keen adds.“Across the country,we have opportunities to create those connections between our forests and ensure a healthy environment and future for all Canadians.” ONE HONDA, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TREES