Business View Magazine l January 2023

11 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 12 COCHRANE BUSINESS OWNER SHARES STORY BEHIND 122-YEAR-OLD BUILDING Source, Town and Country Today, Daniel Gonzalez, Published Dec 17, 2022 Amid the growing interest in preserving the western heritage of Cochrane, a local business owner is sharing the story of the 122-year-old building that can be found just off of 1st Street. The historic building known as the ‘Camden House’ is located on 126 3rd Avenue. It has been in Cochrane since 1900 and has existed as both a residence and as several businesses before becoming the home of Curious Hair Cochrane. Co-owner of the business, Lawrence Sarmenta, said he purchased the property five years ago with his business partner Michael Rizzuto. “We just wanted to own a space in town and this was an obvious choice,” Sarmenta said. “We didn’t look any further, we saw this one and we purchased it.” When they purchased the property, he said the only information they received from the space was from a plaque by the Cochrane Historical and Archival Preservation Society that was installed outside of the house two years ago. It outlined that although the original owners are unknown, the longest title-holder was an English stone mason named William Camden, who purchased it in 1927 and sold it in 1961. The following occupants, Lorne and Pat Woods, purchased the house in 1962 and later moved out in 2002. It has since been occupied by several storefronts. OPENING L INES