Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 1

65 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1 M ain Bank has been proudly serving the community of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2005. With an emphasis on exceptional customer service, the bank believes in local investment, helping businesses grow and thrive, and putting local deposits to work in the community. Celebrating its 16th birthday in November 2021, Main Bank was founded by seven local people who decided to join together in 2004 and start a bank. Originally, the idea was to open a de novo bank, starting with no loans and no deposits, with plans to acquire those along the way. As the group began raising capital, they were presented with an opportunity to acquire Inter America, a small commercial bank. Alan Shettlesworth, President & CEO of Main Bank recalls, “That opportunity came up, and it advanced our business plan by a few years, just because we had some momentum, some assets, and some loans and deposits to get us going. We acquired that bank in November 2005, and when it comes to small banking, I don’t think it gets any smaller than that. When we acquired Inter America Bank, we were $30 million in total MAIN BANK T H E G O - T O S O L U T I O N F O R L O C A L L E N D I N G