Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 1

52 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1 While Americans will continue to purchase vehicles from their local dealership, the details of the transactions and the type of vehicles on our nation’s highways will change in the years ahead. With a tradition that spans more than 100 years, tomorrow’s new car and truck dealers will remain an active, competitive, pro- consumer, pro-community industry – seeking and presenting new opportunities to better assist their customers. Dealers have navigated major challenges in the past and their success and resiliency has been the foundation of the industry’s tradition. It’s a deeply rooted tradition, often spanning multiple generations of the same family, and one that has been tested and forged over the decades. Equally as important, it’s a tradition that is built on a commitment and common goal to proactively seek out and embrace tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. The future looks good for America’s car, truck, and motorcycle dealers! **Robert Glaser is the current President of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association representing North Carolina’s new car, truck and RV dealers across North Carolina. During his 26-year span at the Association, Glaser has initiated and coordinated the efforts of franchised dealers in programs such as the North Carolina Teacher of the Year Program, the Support our Troops program, the World War II Flight of Honor Program – flying 821 World War II vets to Washington, DC–and the current state- wide North Carolina Hometown Heroes Program, honoring more than 500 North Carolina First Responders. Glaser is a graduate of the University of Dayton, as well as the University of Notre Dame’s US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organizational Management program. He worked as a CPA in the Washington area for 5 five years before moving to North Carolina. services, the local communities may be impacted by one less business to support local high schools, hospitals, civic groups, and youth sports. A TRADITION OF SUCCESS SPANNING MULTIPLE GENERATIONS As the business community and today’s entrepreneurs emerge from the tumultuous days of COVID-19 wrecking small businesses, local car and truck dealers are proactively working, as they have since the end of World War I, to explore new opportunities and new technologies for a better future. Dealers are proactively embracing digital transactions and the EV Revolution that will shape tomorrow’s automotive buying experience.