Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 1

17 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 1 Dan Julien, VP Business Development for NewFound Recruiting, Ottawa, Ontario: “I’d like it to be ‘People Satisfaction’ for 2022. We’ve had all these resignations, so many businesses wondering why people are leaving… so why don’t we put the focus back on our people. Have companies work with their people to make them as happy and successful as possible. I think we all got a big punch in the face in 2020 about work/life balance and what is important, when we sat at home for two months and didn’t see anyone. So I’d like to see the satisfaction of individuals as the theme for 2022.” Chris Poulos, VP & GM for West Point Lincoln, Houston, Texas: “I think ‘Mental Health’ should be the focus. With COVID and the things we have been through as a nation, outbreaks of violence… I think a lot of that has to do with people being shut in an environment for so long. COVID has created a mental health crisis all over the world and we have to get a handle on it because it can wreck a society if we don’t put some resources toward it.” Katherine Lord, Director of Club Spa & Fitness Association, Alexandria, Virginia: “I would say ‘Compassionate Resilience’. The key to resilience being that you’ve responded to this crisis and you’re building back better, with more skills, more energy, more passion, and more perspective. So for 2022, I’d like the focus to be ‘Compassionate Resilience’ because we are all so empathic and recognizing that we’ve been through a lot and we just need to take care of one another. But we have to take care of ourselves, too.” Jeff Kraft, Deputy Director Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade, Golden, Colorado: “I think ‘flexibility and listening to our employees’. Power Question Happy New Year! Business View asked a variety of executives, “With ‘the Great Resignation’ ending up as the buzz phrase for 2021, what would you like to see as ‘the Great Focus’ for 2022?”