Business View Magazine | January 2021

51 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2021 Dukane Precast, Inc. D ukane Precast is a family-owned, prestressed concrete manufacturer located in Naperville, Illinois with plants in Aurora, Naperville, and Plainfield, Illinois. For over four decades, Dukane has been a driving influence in the industry providing innovative building solutions that extend far beyond the manufacturing of the precast/prestressed components. These services include product innovations and design, project budgeting, structural design, logistical coordination, and product installation. Dukane Precast has the ability to make almost anything a customer needs out of concrete – with a primary focus centered around the exterior and interior façades of buildings, parking garages, storage tanks, architectural cladding, beams, columns, and sound walls. Dukane embraces cooperation and encourages the total systems approach EXPERTS IN THE FIELD OF CONCRETE