Business View Magazine | January 2021

183 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2021 W hen it comes to taking things up a notch, Las Vegas, Nevada has always delivered. So when a brand new endeavor came along that saw the sale of cannabis products done in a way never seen before, Vegas was a natural home base. Such was the case with Planet 13 Holdings, Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis company that takes the consumer’s experiences with cannabis consumption to an all time high. According to Co-CEO Larry Scheffler, the goal when establishing the Planet 13 “SuperStore” in 2018 shortly after Nevada legalized recreational marijuana use was to “out-Vegas Vegas with entertainment experiences we imported from around the world.” From floating orbs, the first permanent installation in the Western Hemisphere, to the giant 18-foot diameter Planet 13 globe out front with water flowing over it, to interactive floors when you AT A GLANCE PLANET 13 HOLDINGS, INC. WHAT: Vertically integrated cannabis company WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada WEBSITE: PLANET Holdings Inc. 1 CU LT I VAT I NG GOOD V I B E S