Business View Magazine | January 2021

149 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2021 i nTech RV having warranty issues. Being able to build a brand that we can stand behind. When it comes to new product design, or changing how we do something, or even pricing a new model, it ends up being more of a conversation about where we can get to by working together, what’s good value for the customer, what’s going to help our brand in the future, and finally what’s going to make us enough money. It’s people all working together from design, launch, production, and even problem solving.” inTech’s steel frame trailers, which now include motorsport, industrial, concession, and camping trailers, are all completely built by hand, inhouse. There are design engineers, application engineers, and skilled tradespeople that handle every aspect of construction. What began with building the finest all-aluminum car haulers in the world, continues today in the fully-welded aluminum cage used in every inTech camper. Along with using aluminum to ensure the frames remain rust-free, they utilize tube frame construction to deliver unmatched structural integrity. “We have a little different process,” says Maxwell, “and this is especially true for the RV products. We will draw it all on paper until we think it looks pretty good and then, on our first prototype, we will build a shell and just mock- up all the different pieces with plywood. We build things like the shower, cabinets, beds and that way we can go in that unit and touch it and see how everything feels. Then we will make changes in the plywood and modify the prints until we get to the point where we think it is good and only then will we go back and build the actual new prototype.” That process means there are a lot of changes from conception to production, but it also means there is a lot of back and forth in the design, leading to a much better overall product. This can be as simple as how the trailer looks. An inTech trailer has a unique look which is a proprietary Tilt Forward Design. This was a