Business View Magazine | January 2021

147 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2021 i nTech RV started in 2010 as a small company going after a niche market. Their first product was fibreoptic splicing trailers. But since it was just after the recession, the timing wasn’t ideal and they were having a hard time getting attention for their product. It took about eight months and a few completely satisfied customers for people to start to take notice. But when they did, the company philosophy of quality over everything else really started to gain momentum. “We got a couple of dealers interested,” recalls inTech RV owner, Adam Maxwell, “and then we started to expand our line. We started to do motorsports trailers, and that focused first on car hauler trailers which were all custom, all high end, and made to the customer’s specifications. We built a really high-quality product to fill that niche in the market and it grew from there year over year.” In 2016, the firm started creating a recreational vehicle line. Beginning with the Flyer series of tow along camper, they then expanded to a full product lineup with the larger Luna, Sol, and now Terra lines. “It’s just been this constant evolution of the product,” says Maxwell. “But our roots have always been in manufacturing high-quality, high- end components – being mindful of what the customer is going to use them for. As we have grown, we’ve been asking, what is the product that we’re trying to build? Who is it tailored for? And then trying to make it the best fit for that customer. This has driven our evolution over time.” Starting in Nappanee, Indiana with just six employees back in 2010, inTech has expanded from 15,000 square feet of production facility to currently over 160,000 square feet and now have over 190 employees. Still, the focus has been on slow and steady growth intending to keep the quality intact. “A lot of what we do that makes us unique comes from the fact that everyone is on the same team,” says Maxwell. “A lot of companies will say that – but even our pay structure has moved to having everyone on profit sharing, which means everyone is motivated towards building a great quality product and not i nTech RV