Business View Magazine | January 2021

105 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2021 facility serves the Anadarko and Arkoma basins; a facility in Pleasanton, Texas is responsible for greater South Texas and the Eagleford Shale and Eagle-Bine Shale areas; and the fourth facility, in Claysville, Pennsylvania, covers the Marcellus and Utica areas. Downhole Chemical Solutions cuts out the middleman and delivers unique oil field service chemical solutions directly to fracking crews. “What’s happening is a debundling or decoupling,” explains Jason Rall, Vice President of Operations, “and so instead of a chemical company selling to a Haliburton or a Schlumberger and them selling to a Shell or an Exxon, we’re removing the pumping company – it is still there, but now the chemical company is selling direct to the operator E&P (exploration and production) company. So it allows for more individual customization to do some neat things outside of just pumping whatever they tell you to pump.” DOWNHOLE CHEMI CAL SOLUT IONS