Business View Magazine | January 2020

43 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 BROAD HOSPITALITY All-in-one tech solutions, from the ground up B roadband Hospitality’s narrative is a bootstrapping kind of a story; one of total customer dedication and true determination to make an industry better. When Broadband launched in 1993, its founder, Vince Lucci, kept things simple—his was a one-man, one-service operation, just selling payphones to hotels. Today, the company boasts an impressive, single-source structure that offers pioneering and innovative technology solutions to the hospitality, senior living, student housing, and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) industries. How it got there is an interesting case study of how mastering the basics of organic growth, before assuming an acquisitive strategy, can be a powerful tool for long-term success. Formerly known as Great Lakes Telcom, LTD, Broadband changed its name in 1998 to better reflect its ascent to a household name within the hospitality technology space. “As Vince developed his relationships with the hotel brands, he saw the need for additional services,” BAND