Business View Magazine | January 2020

254 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 trail system, and the Digby curling complex. And, a great source of community pride, UNESCO has designated five experiential tourism-related businesses as Champions of the Biosphere. “One of the unique tourism attractions we have is whale watching,” says Harvey. “There is an area called Digby Neck and Islands that hosts eight whale and seabird watching cruise companies and people come from all over the world for this breathtaking experience. Of course, the natural coastal beauty adds to the ambience. For a small rural community of just over 7,000, we feel we have a lot to offer from a tourism and a business perspective. My job is to work with investors on business development projects, and you’ll find the cost of doing business in Digby County is really low compared to many jurisdictions, not only in Nova Scotia but North America, as well.” Contrary to popular belief, Digby is not the icy, snow-laden community of Canadian myth. It actually features a temperate climate, PREFERRED VENDOR n Nova Innovation with generally more rain than snowfall. The Municipality is safe, progressive, open for business, and a fabulous place to live. As Thibodeau states, “We’re very excited to show the world that small communities can indeed build infrastructure and technology to harvest tidal energy and use it to become greener and reduce our carbon footprint.” Kudos to all!