Business View Magazine | January 2020

21 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 Coworking spaces are not a new trend for startups and small businesses. Many billion- dollar companies grew out of the incubator culture of communal offices. However, it’s this exact culture that makes many new startups hesitant about leveraging the benefits of coworking spaces. Company culture is an essential part of any business; successful founders want employees to collaborate and facilitate the open exchange of ideas. The question is: does a coworking space lead to distractions? Coworking is a concept of sharing physical business space instead of a traditional office. This arrangement could include teams from the same company, individuals representing different companies, and freelancers all in the same office. The tie that unites all coworking professionals is their use of the same physical office space and communal amenities. The idea for coworking began as an option to save money on office space, but this shared environment quickly presented many unique opportunities for businesses to grow and innovate. Business cultures that are stagnating can find new life. Their employees can connect with professionals from other companies. People exchange ideas and perspectives. Interactions that would not usually take place in a traditional office building happen at coworking facilities, not just at the local Starbucks. Shared offices became communities. Coworking is Changing How We Think of Company Culture Contributed by Richard Overmyer (Kiln Coworking)