Business View Magazine | January 2020

19 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 2019 was a banner year for Business View Magazine – as well as all the amazing companies and communities we featured. Below are 10 notable pieces of sage advice (in no particular order) to inspire you in 2020! CEO Steve Kool and CFO Patrick Roesler Vermeer Midwest “Go the extra mile. Work the extra hours. Get your boots dirty on the jobsite. Do whatever it takes to take care of the customer” Assistant City Manager, Angela Sheppard Gainesville GA “We have a passion for what we’re doing here, we are almost 200 years old and we have developed over time. And we’re committed to growing in a wise way.” Top 10 Pearls of Wisdom from BVM Stories – 2019 Jimmi-Jean Sukys, CEO Quality Tank Solutions “We are all about our people. That’s what makes the difference. We have some of the best-qualified people working for us that put their heart and soul into everything they do. I couldn’t be more proud of the staff and the team we’ve assembled. They treat our customers just like they would want to be treated and that really means a lot to us.” Matt Burris, Deputy City Manager for Community and Economic Development Rancho Cucamonga, CA “I think one of the most noteworthy things about the City is how successful it has been in focusing on quality of life and understanding how that focus extends beyond just meeting the needs and interests of its residents, but how it can be such an