Business View Magazine | January 2020

154 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 PREFERRED VENDOR n Oakwells to help folks develop aviation infrastructure.” “The large hangar—Montana’s largest hangar— that just opened a couple of weeks ago. That happened because someone saw us doing some utility work and they asked us what we were doing,” Faulkner recounts. “That business got relocated here from outside the state because of the ease of access and the amount of investment in infrastructure we have. From the time they walked into our office and asked what we were up to, to the time that project had its foam test a couple of weeks ago, that was just two years. When you think about everything that was accomplished to make that happen, it’s pretty remarkable. We had to widen taxiways to allow 737s into that area. We had to build major waterline into the area for the foam system. That’s really a testament to our pro-business attitude.” For an added bonus, Great Falls’ terminal contains what’s said to be the world’s largest collection of model airplanes, built and painted by local Great Falls resident, Bary Poletto.