Business View Magazine | January 2020

15 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 E-commerce competition is heating up, and leading companies are turning to technology and innovation to keep their edge. The good news is that the same tech stack is available to your company, allowing you to close the gap quickly while also generating more sales and cutting costs. We’re presenting five core areas where technology can boost your store and keep you well above the latest entrant to this crowded e-commerce space. Powerful Personalization Tools E-commerce companies that expand quickly take a specific approach to their customers: they build relationships instead of sales. To achieve this quickly, add a personal touch to your outreach What Tech Do the Fastest Growing E-Commerce Companies Use? Guest Submission by Jake Rheude and other efforts. Personalization can start with how you target customers and their likes. This can begin with targeting influencers directly and having public interactions that enhance your visibility, with services like BuzzStream . There are separate tools for each social channel to personalize your content based on audience information and behavior. You should also personalize based on history, using proven metrics , adding someone’s name to a special deal or offer when you send emails to encourage repeat purchases or highlight loyalty. Email is the most direct personalization option, but your customers exist on countless channels, and each presents an opportunity for you to make a connection.