Business View Magazine | January 2020

123 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 M ichael (Mike) James is the quintessential entrepreneur; a born innovator who has earned a reputation as the “go-to guy” for solutions to industrial cleaning issues, particularly in the oil and gas sector. Since James founded Triton Industries, LLC in 1997, the business has become a much-respected supplier to shipyards, refineries, chemical plants, and barge companies around the globe. Triton’s exclusive vacuum systems are employed on six continents, including industrial installations in the U.S., the Arctic Circle, the Caribbean, the Mideast, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. What James touts as “Simple Minded Engineering,” is actually an innovative process of transforming original design concepts into manufactured reality that outperforms the “Super Truck” vacuum systems. And it all happens with a dedicated team in a single facility in the small town of Lottie, Louisiana. Triton Industries took its name from a Greek mythological demigod who could unleash the power of the sea, at will. It’s a name that speaks to the strength of the company’s commitment to quality and its customers – to create a cost-effective industrial vacuum system, which is safe, compact, easy to operate without special certifications, yet powerful enough to perform in demanding petrochemical, marine barge, and offshore environments. A gamechanger in the industry, Triton’s portable industrial vacuum systems are easily handled by pick-up trucks and forklifts. These compact units cost 40 – 60 percent less than vacuum trucks, fit into a fraction of the space, are quieter, safer, and avoid scheduling headaches. Safety is a top priority; systems are available in Class I Division I, and Class I Division II ratings for hazardous installations. In addition to Triton Industries, Mike and his wife, Lisa, started Brahman Systems (cable and hose protection for industrial traffic), and their most recent company, Waterline Tank Technologies. Waterline was formed specifically to provide the tank cleaning and maintenance market with the first, and only, multi-purpose manway. Tools offered include a powerful, simple, cost-effective, submerged jet mixer. TRITON Industries, LLC Simple-minded engineering