Business View Magazine | January 2020

106 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JANUARY 2020 IES, INC. QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP S mith Industries, located in Midland, Texas, is a family-owned fabricator of production storage tanks, heat treaters, phase separators, and free water knockouts for oil industry operations, primarily in the Permian and Delaware Basins of Texas and New Mexico. Its working ethos is quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity; its vision is to be an industry leader in health, operational integrity, and environmental safety. The company was founded in 2004 by Rick B. Smith, who was joined in 2008 by his son, and current Company President, Chris Smith. “Dad was in the pipe business with his dad and two brothers,” Smith recounts. “He had a couple of solid relationships with a few different companies that were looking for surface production equipment and having trouble finding the quality and service they were looking AT A GLANCE SMITH INDUSTRIES, INC. WHAT: A fabricator of production storage tanks WHERE: Midland, Texas WEBSITE: