Business View Magazine Jan-2019

9 environment, presenting them with a real- life holographic audio experience, as good as the real thing. On top of the Super X-Fi technology at the heart of the SXFI AIR series, the head- phones also stand out with its 50mm Neo- dymium drivers that are tuned to deliver audio that is powerful while maintaining extreme accuracy, which is an absolute es- sential for music and movie enthusiasts. The SXFI AIR connects seamlessly via Bluetooth and USB to numerous platforms, ranging from mobile devices to PC and Mac to Nintendo Switch and PS4. Users can per- sonalize their listening profiles through a mobile app, and upload them onto the SXFI AIR. The versatility of the SXFI AIR also stands out with its wireless connectivity, providing ease of compatibility with iOS and Android devices. When connected via USB, the SXFI AIR offers low-latency 7.1 audio which is great for movies and games, especially on the PC and Mac. The SXFI AIR also operates as a stand- alone music player via microSD card for various formats including MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC. Additionally, the SXFI AIR comes with a touch-control earcup, where us- ers can easily switch between tracks and adjust volume with simple finger sliding actions. The SXFI AIR features mesh fabric earcups with built-in memory foam pads that conform to the user’s head, and are highly breathable as fabric dissipates heat more easily. The SXFI AIR also comes with customizable RGB light rings, which allow users to choose from 16 million colors to make the headphones truly their own. The SXFI AIR C is an entry-level USB headphone with Super X-Fi aimed at gam- ers. It does not support Bluetooth, touch- controls and SD card. Designed to augment the gaming experience further, the SXFI AIR C features a detachable ClearComms microphone that is specifically tuned to re- produce strikingly natural vocals, allowing for flawless communication between gam- ing team-mates or friends. The ClearComms microphone is also an accessory option for SXFI AIR. The SXFI AIR C USB is available at USD129.99 on The SXFI AIR is available for pre-order at USD159.99 on, and will ship in end January 2019.