Business View Magazine Jan-2019

205 and about 25 trucks here in the Tucson area.”MTC has approximately 250 employees, and also uses subcontractors to carry out its mission. Clemons also explains that the U.S. Postal Service is going through a major change in its carrier model, downsizing from approximately 15,000 contractors to about 500, and MTC is positioning itself to pick up more routes.“Most of those 15,000 contractors don’t have the wherewithal to get 20-25 trucks and put them to work all at once,”he opines,“so a lot of the competition has had to fall by the wayside, or subcontract somebody like me, or one of my com- petitors.When they started consolidating, ten or fifteen of us stood out to get contracts.” “The whole industry is changing, right now, and the Post Office is getting rid of all those small mom- and-pops,”he continues.“Some competitors were fighting the system; they didn’t like the changes and so they got way behind.Now, the Post Office is put- ting out an effort to get more participants, and there are going to be 180 sites over the next two years that are also going to be transitioned.We don’t like being diversified, and we can’t let this window pass us by, so we’re putting a lot of emphasis on Post Of- fice work; we have a lot of bids out, right now.” “What set us apart was we envisioned what they were going to be doing and we positioned our- selves to be ready for when it happened,”Clemons remarks, in conclusion.“I would say, in the next five years, I think our footprint will be expanded, greatly. That’s the plan.We always tried to be where the market was going to go-not follow it.” PREFERREDVENDOR RWC Idealease -