Business View Magazine Jan-2019

177 A COMMUNITY TO CALL “HOME” CITY OF KETTERING, OHIO T he city of Kettering,Ohio offers an exceptional level of city services and a quality of life enhanced by beautiful parks, public art, special- ized senior services, spectacular recreation facilities and a world- renowned outdoor music venue. Both residents and businesses locate, stay and grow in Kettering because the range of housing options, thriving businesses and outstanding schools make Kettering a great place to call home.You will not find a network of comprehensive services and ameni- ties as diverse, impressive and affordable as what Kettering offers.Wheth- er you are a student, a young professional, an active family or an empty nester, Kettering’s charming neighborhoods offer a sense of old-fashioned community. For businesses, the city boasts a strong workforce with a full range of skilled employees, an ex- cellent infrastructure system, and attractive building options for lo- cation or expanding facilities.The municipal government, and the whole community of 56,000, has taken control of its own destiny by leveraging every redevelop- ment opportunity; believing that is the key to long term sustainability. Business ViewMagazine recently spoke with long-time Kettering Mayor, Don Patterson, CityManager,Mark Schwieterman, and Economic Develop- ment Manager, Gregg Gorsuch about their ambitious, forward-thinking city. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. AT A GLANCE CITY OF KETTERING, OHIO WHAT: Landlocked, inner ring suburb; population 56,000+ WHERE: Montgomery County, Ohio WEBSITE: Don Patterson, Mayor