Business View Magazine Jan-2019

106 me and my vision, and that’s howwe started our first office.” Today,MB2 Dental has grown from just 12 to over 1,350 employees, and partners with 52 doctor/own- ers who manage over 120 practices with 260-plus dentists in several states: Alaska,Texas,Oklahoma, NewMexico,Arkansas, Louisiana,Tennessee, and Colorado,with more to come, according to Villanue- va.“We’re a very provider-centric business,”he states, “meaning that we don’t look for a geography and decide to plant our roots there; we look for a doctor/ partner, first. So, if one lives in Florida,we’re going to Florida; if a doctor/partner we like lives in California, we’re going to California.” Villanueva adds that finding potential doctor/ partners is a relatively easy process.“In terms of sourcing,we probably have the largest proprietary deal flow in the industry because of our doctor in- volvement,”he avers.“Because our doctors are part- ners, and they’re aligned professionally and finan- cially to grow the organization,we have access to fellow doctors,more so than brokers or headhunters. A lot of our growth comes fromword-of-mouth. When a doctor transitions with us and speaks highly of the partnership, normally that begets manymore deals and that’s where we are today.Honestly,we have more deals than we can handle,many times, ATAGLANCE MB2 Dental Solutions WHAT: A dental management and practice development company WHERE: Carrollton,Texas WEBSITE: