Business View Magazine Jan-2019

104 MB2 Dental SOLUTIONS YOUNG, PROGRESSIVE, AND DISRUPTIVE M B2 Dental Solutions, headquartered in Carrollton,Texas, is a dental management and practice development com- pany that was founded in 2007, by Dr. Chris Villanueva, as a DPO-a Dental Partnership Organization,where dentists can invest in one another both professionally and financially.MB2 bridges the gap between private practice and traditional DSOs (Dental Support Organizations), attracting highly talented and motivated entrepre- neurial dentists by offering clinical autonomy with the opportunity to become owners of their own practices. “I had worked in a traditional private practice office for about a year and in a more corporately structured office at the same time, and realized there were things I liked about both models,”Villan- ueva recounts.“In this dichotomy, I wished I could take things I liked about private practice, such as the clinical autonomy and the equity participation as a doctor, and marry that with the things that I liked about group practice, namely the economies of scale and access to capital and talent. So, that was really the beginning of it all; that was the genesis of my business.” Villanueva also remembers that getting his business started on the brink of the Great Recession proved to be challenging.“Unfortu- nately, in 2007, no one was lending money because of the credit cri- sis,”he recalls.“I asked banks, I asked my family, but to no avail, and so, I figured out that dentists were the only ones who understood what I was trying to achieve and they’re the ones that invested in