252 253 MCI is proud to be Navigating Adventure with As North America’s leading builder of intercity coaches, Motor Coach Industries (MCI) is Reliability Driven, making the models that deliver the highest level of quality, luxury and operational efficiency to Kincaid along with lower emissions. Kincaid’s selection of MCI ensures peak performance, optimal fuel economy, ultimate passenger comfort and an enjoyable ride. MCIcoach.com Kincaid Coach KINCAID COACH Some vehicles are further equippedwithHDMI moni- tors with enhanced audio and optionalWiFi. Even though Kincaid Coach is celebrating its 40th anniversary,Myers reveals that over the last 12 to 18 months,the companyhas reinvented itself with a new business strategy that puts a premiumon customer service.“Our owners are firmbelievers in understand- ingwhat the customer wants–that’s first.So,we are in constant contact with them to find out what the needs are for the future.Our strategy is to be a‘blue ocean’ company,wherewe’re thinking outside the box,where we react towhat customers’needs are.We don’t want to be in the‘red ocean’where everybody is trying to get the same client for the same price.What wewant to do is differentiate ourself with a unique,up-to-date fleet of high-endmotor coaches,and high-end,well- trained drivers with great customer service capabilities, and reallydevelop a nichemarket as a strong,Mid- west transportation provider that provides a high-end experience.” Another innovation,planned to be completed by late summer or early fall 2018,is a brand new, 72,000-square-foot facility that Kincaid Coach is going to use as an event and entertainment space.“We’re going to have an open concept,bringing people into the facility,”Myers says.“We can bringDivisionOne NCAAathleticdirectors in for them to lookat a brand new,state-of-the-art motor coach and be able to see it hands-onwith all its capabilities. Before a tour goes out,folks can come in andwe can have a bon voyage dinner before theyget on themotor coach for a veryhigh-end experience. So,this newfacility is not onlygoing to be an operational headquarters for us,but it’s going to be an event space where people can come,breakbread with us,be entertained,and be able to see the value-added that we have for our customers.” CompanyPresident,Scott Kincaid, son of its founder,Don,adds that Kincaid Coach has recently instituted several other innovations that have helped transform the company into what he characterizes as a“completely different business.”“We’ve centralized our business,and each one of our locations is working through a cen- tralized office to ensure that a cus- tomer inTulsa,a customer in Kansas City,a customer inOklahoma City,or Amarillo,Texas,experiences the same adventure nomatter where they’re at,” he proffers.“Andwith the newer,safer equipment,andwith communication froma centralized effort,we’ve been able to recruit younger drivers,which I think is very important in thismarket. We’ve done a fantastic job of hiring great drivers,who are really the face of our company.” Kincaid also asserts that themotor coach industry lags behind others in the transportation sector in offering their customers a streamlined,online