250 251 KINCAID COACH we go anyplace in the U.S.and Canada.We do char- ter work,we do contract work,we do a lot of univer- sities,high schools–bands,athleticprograms,those kinds of things.We have shuttles for customers.We have a tour division.For instance,we have tours to Ireland andwemayuse amotor coach to go to the airport,thenwe use our partners to finish the rest of the tour.” Myers explains that the company’s relationships with the other companies in the Kincaid Group informs its non-traditional businessmodel.“Kin- caid Coach doesn’t have anymechanic’s shops or service shops,”he says.“That is outsourced to one of our sister companies calledMidwest Bus Sales and Service.If we need parts,if we need sales,if we need body shopwork,those are outsourced; if we want to purchase a vehicle,we purchase it froma sister company.Another one of our sister companies is calledDS Bus,which is a school transportation provider.The ownership also has the StatelineNis- san facility.For our non-motor-coach fleet,for our support groups,we useNissans.” “We think that the relationships we havewith our sister companies brings extreme value,”Myers continues.“So,we run our operations thinking about, not onlyourselves,but the opportunities that exist for our sister companies.Wewant to be a transpor- tation provider as opposed to just do coach opera- tions.It’s one of themost innovative things that we do–aligning ourselves with our sister companies. It makes good economic sense and good growth sense.So,whenwe lookat growth for our compa- ny,wewant to be therewith our sister companies doingwhat theydo best.” Myers reports that Kincaid Coach has about a hundred em- ployees and approximately60 coaches in its fleet-98 percent of which,he states,are 2015 or newer-another differentiator that puts the companyahead of the competition.“If you lookat most motor coach businesses,a‘new’motor coachwould be something that is 2008,2009,or 2010,”hemaintains.”There are still a lot of early2000motor coaches on the road.So,our business niche is to provide high endmotor coaches that are new.We have better equipment out on the road and a better customer experiencewith respect to safety,comfort,and the amenities that peoplewant and need.For us to have a fleet re-greening program in place is extremely important.That way,our customers are riding in state-of- the-art,modern,safe vehicles,that have fewer breakdowns.” Standard Kincaid Coach amenities include electrical outlets and USB ports,individual reading lights,climate-controlled air condi- tioning and heating systems,large clear-vision picturewindows, weatherproof luggage compartments,and spacious restrooms. CURRIE MYERS VICE PRESIDENT