248 249 K incaid Coach of Edwardsville,Kansas,is family-owned,charter motor coach business,founded in 1977.From itsmodest beginnings in and around the Kansas Cityarea,Kincaid Coach has grown to become one of the largest motor coach operators in the nation,with physical locations in Kansas, Missouri,Arkansas,Oklahoma,andTexas.The company is part of the Kincaid Group, which also includesMidwest Bus Sales,KIT-Kincaid InformationTechnology,Kincaid ReadyMix,State LineNissan,andDS Bus Lines. “We areMidwest transportation providers,”says CompanyVice President,Currie Myers.“Our niche is to operatewithin themiddle of the United States,and,naturally, KINCAID COACH A STATE-OF-THE-ART COMPANY KINCAID COACH AT A GLANCE KINCAID COACH WHAT: A family-owned, charter motor coach business WHERE: Edwardsville, Kansas WEBSITE: www.kincaidcoach.com