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126 127 Kimberley, BRITISH COLUMBIA ghost towns, because people packed up and moved to the next economic opportunity once the resource was gone.” Wilson cites the nature of the Canadian econ- omy as a factor, where resources are pulled from the hinterland and wealth accumulates in major centers,while investments in community and preserving its history aren’t necessarilymade. In comparison, Kimberley chose to revive and thrive in its scenic setting; becoming a favored tourist destination and solar innovation hub. In the 1890s, a small settlement called Mark’s Creek Crossing rose up near the site of the Sullivan Mine in the Kootenay region of south- eastern BC. The name was soon changed to Kimberley, for the famous Kimberley diamond mine in South Africa, in hopes that Sullivan’s silver, lead, and zinc deposits would be as rich as those in the diamond mines of its African namesake. For over 100 years, the Sullivan Mine and Kimberley prospered, and much wealth was generated in the community. WHAT: Former mining town, population 6700 WHERE: Southeastern BC, part of the Kootenay Rockies region WEBSITE: www.kimberley.ca AT A GLANCE Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the world’s largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD technology. The MLD-sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules to the point that provides the greatest energy and achieves a 45% greater yield on average than fixed systems. With more than 75,000 projects installed in 58 countries, DEGER is a world leader in tracking system technology. DEGER was founded in 1999 in Germany. DEGER opened its first branch office in Spain in 2009, and followed with 6 new offices around the globe. From Canada to South Africa, production facilities have been established to service every key market. Operations began in Canada in 2010, and having installed over 10,000 dual axis systems in Ontario alone, DEGER Canada brings a level of confidence to solar projects that our competitors simply cannot match. CANADA 519-925-0177 „ canada@DEGERenergie.com „ www.DEGER.biz DEGER CANADA INC. n 130 Centennial Road Shelburne, ON L9V 2Z4, Canada 519-925-0177 n canada@DEGERenergie.com n www.DEGER.biz WE makE SOLaR tEChNOLOGy mORE EffiCiENt: SOLaR tRaCkiNG SyStEmS fROm DEGER CANADA DEGERtrackers at the SunMine in the City of Kimberley anyone who strives for greater efficiency has to move away from fixed systems. Up to 45% higher yield with the patented mLD technology from DEGER!