January 2017 | Business View Magazine

122 123 WWW.INDUSTRIALRUBBER.CA Email us: info@industrialrubber.ca COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER VALUE AND SATISFACTION OUR INDUSTRIES: „ DEFENCE „ MINING „ PULP & PAPER „ CHEMICAL „ GENERAL INDUSTRY Toll free: 1-800-705-4222 Fax: 506-549-3831 Office: 506-548-3325 ALWAYS ADDING MORE VALUE TO OUR FORESTS WWW.CHALEURSAWMILLS.CA Producing lumber of various dimensions, along with wood chips, bark, sawdust and shavings which are sold to make pulp and paper, wood pellets and to heat local hospitals. AT CHALEUR SAWMILLS, NO PART OF THE LOG IS WASTED 1921 MAIN ST n BELLEDUNE, NB, E8G 2H8 TEL: 506-522-2246 n FAX: 506-522-0230 BATHURST, NEW BRUNSWICK Fongemie was elected mayor this past year, along with an entire new city council made up of people with a wealth of management and business experience. Together, they believe that Bathurst is a resilient community on the verge of forging a new identity and transforming itself into a younger,more modern town with a new brand based largely on its availability of outdoor activities. “Right now, there’s a big movement with multiple actors ‘blitzing’ in the same direction,” Fongemie states. “There’s momentum with the Chamber of Commerce, and local economic agencies, and local businesses, and the college, and the city, to transform our community into an entrepreneurial one. Having lost a large industry, we’re starting to rise from the ashes while positioning our- selves as a city that’s embracing innovation, progression, and an open mind.” Preferred vendors n ThermalWood Canada, Inc. www.thermalwoodcanada.com Located in Bathurst, New Brunswick, ThermalWood Canada offers high-quality thermally modified wood products for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Other than selling products, ThermalWood Cana- da also offers a service of thermal modification. Using a specially designed kiln, wood is heated at high temperatures, essentially “cooking” the lumber. n Roy Consultants www.royconsultants.ca n Industrial Rubber Ltd. www.industrial-rubber.com n CLAD Inc. www.cladinc.com n Chaleur Sawmills Associates www.chaleursawmills.ca