Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 2

42 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 AT A GLANCE B&M ROOFING WHAT: A provider of quality roofing services throughout Colorado and adjoining states WHERE: Headquartered in Frederick, Colorado WEBSITE: and the company’s expansion had begun.” Initially, these two B&M Roofing outlets were actually operating under different ownership but with the same name. However, as the company grew further, expanding into Denver and other parts of Colorado, Kawulok’s father and grandfather bought out Michaels and Blakeslee in Fort Collins, reunifying the separate B&M Roofing entities. Despite changing hands and growing substantially, B&M Roofing continues to operate as a family- oriented business to this day. “We have around 120 full-time employees,” Kawulok says. “The majority of those are field employees but we have about 25 members of staff based in the office. It doesn’t feel like a corporate environment at all. Growing up, I worked in the business, mowing the lawn and doing some landscaping from when I was about 12 and my father was running the company. Although my role has changed a lot since then, the company doesn’t feel that different.”