Business View Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 2

25 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 U nlike humans, who can become weary, bored, or make decisions based on unconscious prejudices, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are quick, relentless, and efficient. Even the most detail-oriented person couldn’t possibly compete with AI’s processing power. That’s why companies are increasingly integrating AI-powered systems to simplify their HR processes. According to Eightfold’s HR’s Future State Report, nearly 82% of respondents expect HR departments to include more AI tools into their talent management procedures over the next five years. Even now, more than half of businesses are transforming their people management procedures with AI-related solutions, levering the newest technological capabilities. Today’s robust computer systems are adept at spotting patterns, planning, and adapting in ways that closely resemble human thought, but their structured and unbiased data analysis is far more effective. Let’s take a step into the future and explore how AI-based human resources will develop in 2022. Pursuing collaborative HR processes Nowadays, one team determining the whole HR process structure is not enough. It’s through cross-team collaboration that goals become more feasible. To meet teams’ diverse demands when looking for a perfect fit for a role, onboarding specialists face quite a challenge. And that’s when AI-powered trends in hiring come in handy. Using AI-driven HR platforms, your HR managers can easily pre- screen candidates, matching applicants’ skills to job requirements. Each team knows best what’s most needed in their area of expertise, and all of them present a different perspective on the introduced problem. A designer will analyze how to seize product usability, a developer will consider software structure, and executives will weigh whether or not the product is market-ready. AI gives you the possibility to merge all of your teams’ requirements for the desired job, creating detailed candidate profiles for the future. Attaining workplace diversity and inclusion In 2022 workplaces that prioritize diversity and inclusion continue to leverage hiring AI-driven platforms, making workplaces more stable, sustainable, and increasing productivity. AI- powered solutions assure workplace diversity and fairness during the employment process as companies shift towards modern hiring. This technology is primarily eliminating unconscious cognitive bias in their recruitment process. Trustradius’s 2022 HR Trends Report states that 77% of HR professionals in the US believe How AI Will Reshape HR Processes in 2022 By Sunny Saurabh – Co-founder and CEO at Interviewer.AI