Business View Magazine | February 2021

98 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 booster for them to see that we’re also investing back, we’re investing even more money during this hard time into field tooling, to make their jobs a little bit easier as well,” Wombles says. While demand has picked back up on the public side, it has stalled on the private side. “As far as the private sector, things are almost non-existent right now,” Wombles explains. “That’s not just due to COVID, that was due to the OPEC oil wars, and that’s due to just the not knowing what’s going to happen with the administration and what direction it was going and the price of oil.” That uncertainty has forced other companies in the industry who had been primarily focused on the private side to shift their focus to the public market. And Paso Robles Tank sees an opportunity in that turn away from the private sector. “We’ve made some changes to personnel, we’ve repositioned and brought in some employees to better serve us chasing some industrial or private sector work,” Wombles reports. “So although there’s less of it, we’re making a push to get a stronger foothold in that industry.” That shift in personnel is part of a strategy to reach a goal of doubling the company’s size in the next three to five years. But that’s not the only goal for Paso Robles Tank moving forward. “It’s to continue to strive for safety,” Wombles shares. “To be a leader in the industry. Not accepting what the standard is but just going above and beyond it, just making sure that all of our employees go home safely every single day and they’re able to continue to have a great life at home. That would be number one.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Tnemec