Business View Magazine | February 2021

67 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 BOLD CONSTRUCT ION a Visionary, who is more of the Chief Executive Officer-type, the one who leads with the big picture and makes the major strategic decisions; and an Integrator, or what I would consider to be the Chief Operating Officer, who’s more in the nitty-gritty role of ensuring that operations, systems, and processes are in place and being followed. These job descriptions fit Jason and I perfectly.” Jointly, Ehrenfeld and Dell quarterback the design-build process from start to finish. Their existing residential portfolio includes custom homes in the $900,000 to $4 million range, located in some of the finer neighborhoods and communities of Orange and Chatham Counties, like Governors Club and Stonecrest at Norwood. “Our business continues to shift more and more towards the design-build mode of project delivery, and I think some of that is just that we’re getting in front of clients earlier,” offers Dell. “Clients like our process. It gives everybody the opportunity to get instant feedback before anything goes too far astray; before a client comes to realize that a design just isn’t going to work for them.” Their signature design-build process allows them to come up with a proposal in a timelier way than if the client were to start from scratch with their own architect. It takes Bold Construction roughly 30 days to get from ideas on a napkin to a final concept plan. “We typically work with Abbie Lee Roehm from Paces & Roehm Architecture, whom we challenge to come up with ideas and brainstorm alongside with,” Ehrenfeld says. “We’re right there, offering advice, looking for ways to cut down on costs, but without compromising the layout of the home. Being present and being a part of that design from the beginning, we’re able to get our clients what they want while keeping them on budget, meeting whatever their goals are for the project.” With 15 full-time staff members under their direction and the resources to build 10 to 12 custom homes per year averaging $1.3 million