Business View Magazine | February 2021

63 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 ARCADI A HOMES INC . but to community coworkers and subcontractors; maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and continuing to do it right and never cut corners. And the fact that they strive to inspire others everyday has kept them in good shape. “We want to serve our clients, not only before, during, and after we build their home but to serve in our community,” says Schumacher. “We like to be very involved with our community and carry ourselves in a way that would inspire people to do things the right way, to be transparent and full of character, and to hold each other accountable in a way that promotes hard work and accountability. I’ve seen other companies before where the culture is talked about, but more in a marketing and recruiting sort of a way. When I was told that the grass really is greener at Arcadia, I found that to be true. We live it, we breath it, it actually is our culture.” In addition to their custom home building operation, Arcadia has also recently expanded their expertise into commercial construction with the addition of commercial industry veteran Nick Cunningham. But the company doesn’t plan to grow exponentially just for the sake of growth. They want to be very intentional in their future growth and be responsible in maintaining the ability to serve their clients with the unmatched level of care that they’re known for. They want to run their business like they build – the right way and with a lot of care. Dave Anthes humbly began Hardwood Creations INC in 1997 as a one man shop with the idea that integrity, quality and service would set him apart. Today, 23 years later, Hardwood Creations has grown to a company of 34 Employees and has completed more than $50 million worth of projects in over 850 different homes. We take great pride in the work we do and in the service we offer and back all our work with a lifetime guarantee. Fully Custom, Luxury Cabinetry and Closets @hardwoodcreationsnc (704) 829-7794 1500 RIVER DR, SUITE 140, BELMONT, NC 28012