Business View Magazine | February 2021

230 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 PREFERRED VENDORS n CapinCrouse, LLP n Lamb Insurance Services | Lamb Insurance Service is the largest insurance broker in the country dedicated exclusively to nonprofits and social services. We leverage our expertise, experience and carrier relationships to deliver comprehensive insurance programs at an advantageous cost to clients. Lamb has offices in New York, Charlotte, DC, Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. n Columbia Urban League, Inc. n Delaware Elevator College going forward? Artis: “We will continue critically evaluating every single operating element of the institution whether it’s an academic or service or support line. We started our MBA program last year and we are looking to add additional Master’s degree programs. We are not an online institution by definition. We adapted to that out of necessity, but it certainly opens some interesting possibilities for us for alternative revenue streams and program development. We will take the good with the bad and embrace every opportunity to expand what it means to be “The BEST of BC” as we move into the future.”