Business View Magazine | February 2021

20 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 POWER QUEST ION Terry P. Sroka, Airport Manager, Reading Regional Airport: “We have a large lake here called Blue Marsh Lake, just a few miles from the airport, and I’m an avid kayaker. So any opportunity I can get to grab my kayak and head out on the water, that’s my stress reliever.” Katie Gerlach, Associate Athletic Director – Facilities & Events, Banterra Center: “I really enjoy this question. Working in athletics, you work so many odd hours, so I’ve actually enjoyed the relaxing time off. I will say, I did get bored, and so I did a lot of woodwork. I built a table and a couple chairs. I also did a lot of puzzles and read a lot of books. Which are some of the things that kept you busy but also relaxed you enough that you didn’t have to do a lot of thinking.” Dr. Roslyn Artis, President, Benedict College: “I have done more reading than I typically do. I usually read for necessity, not pleasure. Now, I’ve had an opportunity to spend a little time just reading. Isabel Wilkerson’s ‘Caste’ was a transformational read for me. I’m reading all sorts of authors that I hadn’t had time, or thought, to read – and sometimes it’s just helpful to think about something besides higher education; when this is what you do all day, every day. Our students are, of course, residential, so it’s really a 24 hour job. But with them not here at the moment, I’m not lying awake at night waiting for the phone to ring because there’s a really good party going on at the campus, so I’m able to read for pleasure and maybe get 6 or 7 hours of sleep at night.” Mayor Ray Bourque, City of Broussard, Louisiana: “It’s key to me to have a strong spiritual life and a healthy home life. My two wonderful children and my wonderful wife are very supportive of me in the long hours that I work sometimes. Without that, it would be much more difficult. So I’m very fortunate that I have those blessings in my life.”